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Życzenia bożonarodzeniowe

We often associate the birth of Christ with a crib, hay, a stable. Dozens of lights light up the atmosphere, the scent of the baked cake, the christmas tree.. It is sweet and warm at the heart, because such is the feast, full of joy and happyness.
However, as we look at the icon of The birth of Jesus Christ, you may be surprised. There are no colorful lights here, the child does not lie in a crib on hay, Josef seems to be heavy-hearted, the Mother of God is resting. There is a lack of euphoria as much characteristic for our understanding of Christmas.
The icon of The birth of Jesus Christ shows the real picture of Christmas, which is the incarnation of the Son of God. It gives us the symbolic understanding that Christ was born in the darkness to be the light for this world. The icon invites us to contemplation that may lead to inviting the Little God to our hearts and lives.
The Christ, the Messiah, is born!