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We warmly welcome you to the School of Writing Icons of St. Hedwig of Silesia

We are glad to offer you the participation in our workshops of writing icons combined with the prayer. The workshops are carried out in the way so that those, who hadn´t have to do with any painting technique so far, will successfully complete the classes. The result will be the real traditional icon. We invite you to read the offer of the workshops.

International School for Writing Icons is a cross – cultural project, that goes far beyond all borders, therefore, it carries the name of St. Hedwig. The individual person is important to us as well as his search for God.

Spiritual exercises and workshops of writing icons in the footsteps of St. Hedwig of Silesia:


The icon is called a gate that opens to a garden as real as this world. The garden is nothing else than the heavenly Kingdom. The icon is precisely a gate leading us into the communion with the saints. It depicts our spiritual homeland. Iconography is one of the most direct form of the religious awarness of the Byzantine and Slavic lands. It has developed at the crossroads of  three cultures: the Egyptian, Judeo – Christian and the ancient one. St. Luke is said to have painted the very first icons that presented the Holy Mary with Child Jesus. „Icons are a tradition that shows, that the Incarnation of the Word of God is shown forth as real and not merely fantastic“.

We offer you the following workshops of painting icons:

For beginners, i.e. those who start their adventure with the icon painting. We recommend a basic course with the „Mandylion“ icon, the Face of Christ.

Middle level, i.e. those who completed the workshop for beginners and want to improve their technique of painting icons. We recommend you a dust – version of Pantokrator, Mother of God or a guardian angel at this level.

Advance stage, i.e. thoso who completed the basic course and the middle level, and want to develop their technique of painting icons as well as learn the guilding methods. We recommend you the development of half-lenght and whole figur icons at this level, eg. Pantokrator, the Mother of God with the child of Jesus, own saint patron.

Masterclass Workshop – this workshop includes the most advanced scenic representations on the icons, like the birth of Jesus Christ, the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple, the ressurection of Jesus Christ.


In our workshops we show, step by step, every stage of writing icon according to the rules of traditional skills and techniques. The participants will learn how to use the egg tempera, which roots go back as far as 1300 years. They will know how to prepare commonly used pigments and gilding techniques. The work gets done on professional canvas. The workshop lasts 8 hours a day and is an amazing artistic and spiritual adventure. Apart from the chosen icon, you will acquire iconographic skills in order to continue working on every other icon indepenently.

We invite everyone, who is fascinated by the beauty of the icon.